The New Generation

Pindar recounts, in the fifth century B.C., the birth of the goddess Athena from the head of Zeus:

The land circled by the sea [Rhodes], where once the great king of the gods [Zeus] showered upon the city snowflakes of gold; in the day when the skilled hand of Hephaistos wrought with his craft the axe, bronze-bladed, whence from the cleft summit of her father’s brow Athene sprang aloft, and pealed the broad sky her clarion cry of war…

Then was it too the great god Hyperionides, also called “Helios, the Sun,” giver of light to mortal men, this task to his beloved sons enjoined to ensure well hereafter: that they first to the goddess built a shining altar, and founding holy rites of sacrifice, make glad the heart of Zeus, and the maid of the sounding spear. Now Athena, the daughter of Forethought, gives to men virtue and valour’s joy.

The old generation begets the new amongst both Olympians and WordPress sites: please find The Lizard-press lineage continued at Theoria-press.

Thank you, and kindest regards to all of my readers.


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